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AMAX BEE – SANAS Accreditation Certificate
AMAX BEE – SANAS Accreditation Certificate

AMAX BEE Verifications is an independent SANAS accredited B-BBEE rating and research agency. The company’s mission is to enable real transformation through the accurate B-BBEE rating certificates we issue. This ensures accelerated growth in the South African economy and helps to bridge the gap between the country’s primary and secondary economies. Through its verification services, AMAX BEE Verifications assists businesses in managing economic empowerment opportunities and risks. We pride ourselves in seeing our clients grow by embracing the B-BBEE verification process and excelling in the new South African economy.

Our team of skilled verification analysts has established themselves as being B-BBEE experts in all sector codes as well as being effective and friendly. We perform our ratings with effectiveness, whilst taking the time to truly understand our client’s businesses, ensuring an accurate B-BBEE rating in a turnaround time which accommodates our clients timeline. We always strive to assist our clients to obtain the B-BEE level they require in an ethical manner. We are motivated and eager to help our clients throughout the whole verification process.